Rubber floor hysteresis

Rubber floor the size of hysteresis loss and what factors

And the velocity magnitude of stress hysteresis loss rubber flooring is also about the effect of temperature.

At high temperatures, is equivalent to a long time stress; at low temperatures, the stress corresponding to a short time.

 Therefore, when the temperature is very high or very low hysteresis losses are small. Hysteresis loop area by the size of hysteresis energy loss is obtained, the loss of mechanical energy is converted to heat release, heat generation of the rubber. Thus, it has a direct relationship to the rubber fatigue.

The essence of hysteresis viscoelastic properties of rubber, is the result of stress relaxation and creep phenomena. Stress relaxation and creep phenomenon is more significant, the more evident from the hysteresis.

Hysteresis can have a huge impact on the performance and service life of rubber flooring.

In some cases an adverse factors, such as tires after a long period with its high heat deformation, fatigue and even accelerate the tires, increases the rate of aging; it will play a favorable role in some cases, for example, the vibration damping effect of the muffler of rubber products.


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