rubber floor pavement

Why do rubber floor pavement have to do self-leveling first

Analysis of chloroprene rubber used in rubber floor brand: The double bonds of molecular chain are connected with chlorine atoms, which make the double bonds and chlorine atoms become inactive. Therefore, the vulcanizate has good stability, is not easy to be heated or hot oxygen, and shows good heat resistance. W-type chloroprene rubber is superior to G-type chloroprene rubber in heat resistance. They have better heat resistance, which is largely related to its sulfur-free vulcanization system. Increasing the amount of zinc oxide in the formulation can improve the crosslinking degree, and the antioxidant MB can also improve the heat resistance. NBR is mostly used to prepare heat-resistant oil products.

Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) has better heat resistance than general rubber such as natural rubber because of its cyano group on the molecular chain and its strong electron absorption, which makes the hydrogen at the allyl position more stable. The increase of acrylonitrile content is helpful to improve the heat resistance of rubber floor brand products. NBR with medium acrylonitrile content can be used continuously at 120 C and can withstand 150 C high temperature in hot oil for a short time. The heat resistance of NBR increases with the increase of acrylonitrile content, but the physical and mechanical properties deteriorate when the content of NBR is too high, so it is advisable to use NBR containing about 30% medium acrylonitrile content.

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